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Monitor Your Fleet & Improve Efficiency

As a fleet GPS tracking solutions provider who has worked with many fleet operators over the years, we understand the unique challenges they face. That’s why we have designed our fleet management system, which runs on our powerful V3Nity™ software engine, to help businesses in the Philippines confidently manage their fleet regardless of size or complex requirements. With our solution, you can track, analyse and plan the movements of your fleet 24/7 wherever they are.

All-in-One GPS Tracker & Fleet Management Solution
in the Philippines

Real-time Tracking

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track vehicle locations, monitor driver behavior and fleet data conveniently with our web portal or mobile app anytime, anywhere.

GPS Tracker Mobile App

Better Decision Making

View intelligent fleet analytics from our GPS tracking dashboard and use it to optimize your fleet movement efficiently.

24/7 GPS Tracker Data Access

24/7 Fleet Data Access

Access telematics data remotely whenever you need, with our secured web-based applications.

User-friendly and Customizable Fleet Management Interface

Easy-To-Use Interface

Customizable and user-friendly interface lets you keep track of fleet operations across the Philippines with ease.

Advanced GPS Tracker for Fleet Businesses

V3’s Fleet Management System (FMS) is the go-to fleet GPS tracking solution for optimum fleet visibility, efficiency and intelligent data insight. By connecting GPS trackers on trucks and cars to our solution’s web portal, you can conveniently view driver safety scores, vehicle diagnostics and fleet reports of any vehicle from an online dashboard and mobile app.

Real Time Monitoring Icon

Real-time Advanced GPS Tracker

Track current and past vehicle locations in the Philippines and know if your drivers are following pre-planned routes using our advanced GPS tracker.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Save Costs & Optimise Your Routes

Save time and fuel with our GPS tracker by planning optimized routes based on historical route patterns, road traffic data, and fuel consumption per trip.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Supervise Your Trips with Geofence

Secure your fleet with geofence and prevent unauthorized trips outside of their assigned locations.

Truck Icon

Improve Fleet Security

Keep your vehicles safe with our advanced GPS tracker fleet safety features, such as driver identification accessories, and vehicle tampering or fuel theft alerts and more.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Enable Preventive Maintenance

Save time on monitoring vehicle maintenance and avoid downtime. Get alerts for servicing schedules and also gather important vehicle health data via GPS trackers.

Report Analysis Icon

Intelligent Fleet Data Reports

Make informed fleet planning decisions with our in-depth GPS tracking reports detailing vehicle speed, fuel consumption, fleet safety and trip history.

Enhance Insurance Rates

Our GPS tracker uses advanced technology to analyze driving patterns and create a driving risk profile, helping you to better assess driving risks for more accurate car insurance pricing for Philippines’ car owners.

Track Driver Behavior

Monitor driver locations and trips taken across the Philippines, including behavior such as speeding, harsh braking and idling, and evaluate their performance with our driver’s scorecard.

Event Alert | Notification

Get Vehicle Alerts

GPS tracking alerts will automatically inform you of risky driving behavior, maintenance expiry dates and geofence entries and exits via push notifications through our web portal, email or SMS.

How Our GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System Works

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    IoT Devices for Additional Monitoring

    Aside from GPS trackers for trucks and cars, we can install smart IoT sensors such as fuel sensors, temperature sensors and load-detecting sensors for your vehicles.

  • 2

    Intelligent GPS Tracker for Fleets

    Plan routes and receive alerts of your vehicles in real-time with GPS trackers. Analyze historical trip reports, detect idling and be notified about geofencing violations.

  • 3

    Help Drivers Track & Improve Performance

    Our user-friendly mobile app lets drivers track their daily trips. They can also review their own driving performance and safety with smart analytics from the app.

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    Easily Access Valuable Fleet Insights

    Check fuel mileage, vehicle location, speed summary, driver behavior, fuel consumption, and more from your mobile on-the-go or desktop.

Empower Your Fleet with Our Data-Driven
Fleet Management Tools

V3’s GPS trackers make it easy to monitor driver activity, save fuel costs, and make smarter fleet planning decisions.

GPS Tracker Geofence

Get Safe Zone Alerts

Create virtual boundaries with GPS trackers around specific locations and receive real-time alerts.

Mobile GPS Tracker

Streamline Your Fleet Process

Improve productivity and speed of dispatch with live fleet status tracking in a user-friendly platform.

GPS Tracker Security

Secure and Prevent Car Theft

Protect your vehicle and prevent car theft through our advanced vehicle alerts and real-time reports.

GPS Tracker Analytics

Make Effective Decisions

Make smarter fleet planning decisions with reports generated from GPS fleet tracker data analytics.


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Fleet & Staff Visibility


Increase in Fuel Cost Savings

Trusted By Over 5,000 Clients

V3’s GPS tracking solutions are widely used by some of the most successful companies around the world.

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