Keep Emergency Services Reliable During Critical Times

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Communicate Without Delay

Centralised communication platform enables quick and accurate remote assistance from the command centre to first responders.

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Respond Within Short Notice

Optimise routes for the fastest dispatch time, view available vehicles at a glance, and monitor vehicle locations in real-time.

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Improve Emergency Service Operations

Fleet metrics such as mileage, trip duration, driver behaviour and fuel consumption are vital for future resource planning and minimising of operating costs.

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Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

Save time on maintenance management with trackable maintenance records and auto-alerts.

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Improve Response Times With Efficient Dispatch

Timeliness is everything when providing services to emergency incidents. Command centres need to be fast and decisive in taking action the moment an incident occurs and whenever the situation changes.

Currently deployed in fleet insurance companies, private ambulances and vehicle recovery services, V3’s fleet management solution vastly improve time management down to the second during emergency periods.

Control And Oversee All Fleets During Emergencies

Transparent scheduling and real-time location tracking make coordination seamless between your command centre and first responders. Quick dispatch and clear communications, insightful fleet metrics and predictive vehicle maintenance further optimise service efficiency. Moreover, driver behaviour monitoring helps ensure staff are driving safely at all times.

Get Ahead With The V3 Advantage

We offer cost-effective fleet and mobile workforce management solutions designed to resolve inefficiencies faced by emergency services companies.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.


Our innovative and award-winning solutions are useful and successfully implemented in almost every industry worldwide.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.


Our extensive expertise in fleet, workforce and equipment solutions truly define what efficient operations should be like.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.


We develop technologies that are future-proof, making work easier, faster and more productive than traditional workflows.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.


Beyond customisation, our solutions can be adapted to any industry and company size, as well as solve real-world problems unique to each company.

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Trusted by some of the most successful companies around the world.

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