How driver behavior impacts overall fleet performance

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Your entire fleet operations depend on how your drivers perform on the road. Thanks to intuitive GPS technology, nowadays you can track vehicle movements and get accurate information while your drivers are on the road.

Using a GPS tracking system, driver behavior can be viewed through an online dashboard. Fleet managers can access information regarding fleet movements at any time. That way, they can make necessary improvements to the performance and safety of their fleet.

As such, drivers have to adopt safe driving practices. When properly implemented, it will bring additional advantages to your business as a whole.

How monitoring driver behavior improves your fleet

Driver behavior can be monitored using a GPS tracking system, which allows you to configure various vehicle alerts. As a result, you can measure, control and keep track of any bad driving habits of your drivers.

In addition, when you implement a robust tracking system, your drivers will tend to be more careful while driving. Here are some benefits that come with improved driving behavior.

1. Decrease in traffic accidents

Fleet companies benefit the most from tracking systems as it will help minimize the risks of road accidents caused by unsafe driving. A GPS tracking system can identify the drivers who have dangerous driving habits such as sharp turning, extreme braking and acceleration. Companies can use this information to enforce stricter safety precautions.

2. Significant decrease in speeding tickets

Even if there are delivery orders to be rushed or places to get to, your drivers still have to abide by traffic rules when driving. An accumulation of speeding tickets will result in additional expenses for your company, and also put your driver at risk of getting their license suspended, or worse, getting in an accident. With a tracking system, you can closely monitor your drivers’ frequency of speeding and work to lower the chances of them receiving speeding tickets.

3. Lowered operational costs

Using a GPS monitoring system, you can minimise bad driving behavior in your drivers. When you reduce rapid acceleration, speeding and idle driving. By using GPS monitoring systems, fleet companies can track and control driving behavior. And, they do that by setting specific notifications intended for every vehicle.

4. Improved compliance with ‘Safety and Welfare’ regulations

With the help of a GPS car monitoring system, you can gather enough information to prove that you have taken certain steps to ensure your fleet’s ‘Safety and Welfare’ needs are met. With such accurate data evidence, your fleet company will have less liability when it comes to adhering to road regulations.

5. Reduced insurance expenses

Nothing can beat the reliability of a GPS tracking system when it comes to providing proof that your drivers are adhering to safety measures while driving. To get your fleet company lower rates from insurance agencies, monitor with GPS devices to ensure safe driving behavior from your drivers.

6. Lowered fleet maintenance costs

When drivers drive carefully, vehicles tend to perform better at lower maintenance costs. By keeping aggressive driving behavior to a minimum, fleet companies can reduce fuel costs and also increase vehicle longevity. Moreover, with a GPS tracking system, you can save plenty of time on monitoring your entire fleet’s maintenance schedules, and greatly reduce the chances of emergency repair costs.


Bad driving habits can result in costly repairs, high operational costs and raise safety issues. Keeping track of your drivers and how they behave to minimize costly repairs and fuel consumption.

Therefore, it’s important to know how your drivers are behaving on the road and understand how they can impact your business. Talk to us to find out more on how our GPS tracking systems can effectively monitor driving behavior.

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