A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best GPS Tracker Provider

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GPS tracking has gained popularity in recent years as a means of monitoring drivers and fleets to ensure their safety and security. GPS trackers are essential tools for car owners and fleet companies, allowing them to track the whereabouts of their vehicle at all times.

However, with an increase of GPS tracking providers in the market, it can be difficult to know which provider would best suit your needs. There are various GPS tracking providers that offer a range of GPS tracking solutions, with some solely focusing on tracking a vehicle’s whereabouts, to those who offer more advanced features that has everything your fleet needs such as vehicle maintenance, security, safety, and more.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to walk you through everything you need to consider when choosing a GPS tracking provider, from knowing what to look for to evaluation of customer service. Whether you’re looking for a personal tracker or an enterprise-level solution, it’s important to make the right decision and select a solution that meets your needs and budget.

What Should You Look For In A GPS Tracker Provider?

Choosing a reliable GPS tracker provider is key to ensuring you’re getting the best tracking technology and features, whether it’s for security measures or tracking convenience. By installing a GPS tracker, you can monitor your operations, track maintenance to maximise vehicle lifespan, and evaluate fuel use to reduce costs. Likewise, when selecting a GPS tracker provider, there are several factors to consider such as:

  • Ease of use
    It’s important to consider the utility and ease of use of every solution. When looking for a GPS tracker provider, make sure you look for an interface that is easy to navigate so you can get a quick idea of how the system works and how your operations can effectively leverage it. Solution features should also be comprehensive to meet your needs yet but overly complicated to handle. All in all, the solution should support your workflow seamlessly and reduce your manual workload.
  • Mobile access from anywhere, anytime
    Mobile devices are an essential part of our lifestyle which helps us keep track of day-to-day tasks when on-the-go. Before you choose your GPS tracking provider, evaluate their mobile app accessibility and overall user-friendliness. This will ensure that you are able to perform your daily tasks and monitor your fleet without hassle, hence making your fleet operations effective and seamless.
  • Customer support
    In case of any technical issues or questions regarding the software, you’ll want to check what type of customer support the GPS tracker provider offers as well as their accessibility. Do they offer live support during business hours? Do they have a help desk? Are there any reviews from existing customers that might help you make a decision? The following questions can help you land a reliable and dedicated GPS tracker provider that will help you maximise your fleet’s uptime by resolving issues quickly.

It’s important to know what to look for in a GPS tracker provider and identify the exact requirements of your fleet business. Your selected provider should equip you with the tools to improve your fleet efficiency. An excellent solution would not only reduce manual labour, but also increase fleet data accessibility and convenience in an all-in-one platform.

What Key Features Should A GPS Tracker Provider Possess

Choosing the right GPS tracker provider means knowing which features to look for. The right provider should offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including:

  • Fuel usage sensors
    With fuel being one of the costliest aspects of a vehicle, using fuel sensors can help you track the exact fuel usage such as how fuel consumed per hour. With an in-depth understanding of your fuel spending, you will be able to better identify how you can reduce fuel usage. By combining fuel sensors with your GPS tracker, you can optimize routes and find ways to save costs as much as possible.
  • Set geofence zones
    Security is the most valuable aspect of your fleet. Geofence is a feature that creates virtual boundaries on a digital map to monitor the movements of your fleets. Setting up Geofence zones allows you to monitor fleet entries and exits in a specific area so you can secure your fleet and immediately be notified if a vehicle goes out of bounds. It gives you more control over your fleet operations and also, in the case of stolen vehicles, will help you locate stolen vehicles for faster recovery.
  • Temperature sensors
    In certain industries such as cold chain and medical supplies transport, regulating the temperature of goods which are in transit is absolutely critical to delivery success. Installing temperature sensors in your vehicles will allow you to monitor the temperature of your vehicle cargo throughout your entire journey. This makes sure you will instantly get notified if the temperature is not within transport regulation standards, hence allowing you to take immediate action so your goods are not damaged upon arrival.
  • Predictive maintenance
    Keeping your fleet in prime operating condition is absolutely essential if you want to maximize your fleet lifespan. Predictive maintenance allows you to gather and analyze relevant information from individual vehicle profiles as well as the vehicle maintenance history, such as miles driven. It enables the system to detect any potential problems with the vehicle, allowing you to stay proactive in vehicle maintenance, ultimately saving you time and money in costly repairs down the road.


Other than evaluating the key features of what a GPS tracker should have, it is crucial to consider the exact needs of your fleet, doing so will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of what will best fit your fleet management processes.

With so many GPS tracking providers to choose from, finding the best one for your business can be a daunting task. When deciding, you should consider GPS tracking reliability, web and mobile app user-friendliness, key solution features, as well as customer service. With the right GPS tracking provider, you can then be sure to get total peace of mind when managing your fleet.

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