5 Reasons Why Fleet Maintenance Should Be Tracked to Avoid Unnecessary Costs

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Fleet maintenance is an important factor for any logistics firm seeking to maintain vehicle upkeep and minimize downtime. In the long term, fleet maintenance monitoring can save you time and money by preventing vehicle failures and ensuring that they don’t occur at the worst possible times. Here are five reasons why fleet maintenance monitoring should never be overlooked.

1. Prevents Unnecessary Repairs

Monitoring your fleet maintenance will help you minimize unnecessary repair expenditures in addition to reducing the frequency of unexpected failures. This is because last-minute emergency repairs are much more expensive than preventive maintenance, which stops problems from occurring in the first place. Some GPS monitoring systems can also help you track maintenance, allowing you to save money and perhaps even prolong vehicle lifespans.

2. Saves Time & Money

Keeping track of your vehicle parts inventory is essential since it contributes to 33% of total maintenance expenditures. Using a GPS monitoring device can help you keep track of your spare parts inventory and determine whether to refill or decrease your stock. With this, you’ll be able to keep track of a large number of spare parts for your whole fleet and save time arranging the procurement of components for vehicle maintenance.

3. Provides Up-to-Date Fleet Information

Maintenance tracking also provides you with essential fleet information, such as the most recent servicing date or engine condition. If you have maintenance tracking, you won’t accidentally skip important repair schedules or overlook a damaged vehicle. Regular vehicle examinations are also necessary for ensuring the safety of your vehicles. Think about what it would be like if one of your vehicles breaks down because of a faulty gear that’s overdue for replacement while in middle of work. The risk of an accident happening will be high, not to mention your driver will have trouble driving and thus not be able to perform up to par. To avoid vehicle issues, you must constantly have information about your fleet at your fingertips.

4. Enhances Fleet Managers’ Performance

Whether you are growing or shrinking your fleet, you will need to know which vehicles are in good working order and which ones are on the verge of breaking down in order to manage your fleet count. Using a GPS tracking system to assist with maintenance monitoring and vehicle management can save your fleet managers a lot of time and effort when keeping track of essential fleet information. Your fleet managers will then be able to concentrate on higher-level duties while lowering repair costs and reducing fleet downtime.

5. Tracks Fuel Consumption & Asset Use

Fuel costs are a significant consideration for any fleet operating company. In order to meet client demands, it is critical to plan the most efficient routes per trip. With the fuel monitoring features included in most maintenance and GPS tracking systems, it is possible to track how much fuel each vehicle is using. Knowing how to optimize fuel usage for your vehicle trips will hence enable you to maximize fuel efficiency while completing trips on time. Moreover, you can track which vehicles are being over-or under-utilized, and be able to make informed decisions on whether or not to reduce your fleet size.

In Conclusion

Tracking your fleet maintenance will benefit you in more ways than helping to save time and money on route planning and fuel usage. In the long term, it will greatly improve your fleet efficiency and significantly lower operating costs. Although a GPS monitoring system may seem like a hefty investment upfront, its advantages however, far exceed the expense and will keep your fleet business growing for decades to come.

Using GPS systems to track fleet maintenance is one out of many options you can look at if you wish to increase the capacity of your fleet. Learn more about how we can improve your business with fleet maintenance tracking by contacting us today.

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