How field service management software enables cleaning businesses to digitalise and remain competitive

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Digitalising your cleaning services with modern technology such as field service management software has many benefits. With it, you can boost efficiency and keep track of your work completion. If you operate a cleaning business, going digital may be your best move, especially if you find yourself held back by manual tasks and need to stay ahead of competition.

How cleaning businesses can use field service management software to digitalise their work processes

1. Complete tasks with AI-powered cleaning equipment

AI can be used to automate cleaning equipment, allowing machines to navigate workspaces independently and do the cleaning without a human operator. These AI-powered cleaning robots are intelligent enough to identify areas that need cleaning and can securely avoid barriers.

Because cleaning tasks can be completed by AI cleaning robots with minimum human involvement, such robots are a viable choice for businesses in the cleaning industry that are experiencing a labour shortage. Most significantly, AI cleaning equipment provides cleaning businesses the capability to increase productivity while lowering long-term costs.

These cleaning tools include automatic floor scrubber robots, which are commonly used nowadays, and robots that can clean windows and building facades. By deploying AI cleaning robots, you get to maintain high cleaning job quality, boost labour productivity, eliminate workplace risks, and save on expenses.

2. Use field service management software to improve worker scheduling and dispatching

Managing work scheduling and dispatching staff to job locations can become stressful and challenging when there are several cleaning sites and workers to keep track of. Additionally, you’ll need to be agile and adaptable when rearranging your schedule to accommodate last-minute requests for cleaning and adjustments to your scheduled cleanings.

Coordination of jobs get much quicker if you use field service management software that includes scheduling and personnel management tools. Your cleaning staff will be easy to monitor and track with the use of these digital tools, and you’ll be able to contact them promptly to deploy those who are nearest to the work locations.

3. Verify that cleaning tasks are finished on schedule and to your client’s satisfaction

Using work monitoring features in field service management software, cleaning company can improve their on-site reporting. This allows your cleaning staff to provide work reports, photo proof of cleaning services, and fast job completion reports to your cleaning supervisors working in the office. With the ability to retrieve real-time data whenever they need it, your cleaning supervisors will find themselves needing to spend less time on paperwork, and also have an easier time of cleanliness monitoring.

With the help of field service management software, you can reduce reporting mistakes and ensure that your cleaning operations are both cost- and time-effective. Employees can also record their shifts’ start and finish times for precise staff timekeeping.

Final thoughts

The cleaning sector is now going through a technology revolution that will boost its productivity, sustainability, and agility. More clients are demanding prompt and reliable cleaning services, and prefer to get job reports and evidence of work completion as soon as possible.

To futureproof yourself and remain competitive, now is the best time to start digitalising your cleaning business with new technology solutions such as field service management software. At V3 Smart Technologies, we develop solutions which benefit many cleaning service providers worldwide. If you are looking for field service management software, talk to our staff to know more.

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