4 biggest reasons why investing in a GPS tracking system is worth it for your delivery business

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With the whole e-commerce world-shifting online, GPS vehicle tracking has become an absolute necessity for businesses prioritizing customer care. Along with its prime advantage of reliability, the GPS vehicle tracking system has numerous customer service, safety, and fleet operation management benefits.

What is a GPS vehicle tracking system

A GPS vehicle tracking system composes of a tracking device which is installed in vehicles for remote monitoring purposes. When fully implemented for your fleet, you can locate your vehicles anytime, anywhere in the world. Besides real-time locations, you can also access past trip records whenever you wish.

Current challenges in delivery services

In recent times, there’s been an upward spike in online retail or e-commerce sales, which brings about more business for delivery companies. However, it also translates to more challenges in the managing of operational costs and customer satisfaction with limited resources.

If you’re facing challenges with late deliveries and want to improve your delivery services, you can seriously consider investing in a GPS vehicle tracking system. In fact, many delivery companies relying on GPS vehicle tracking systems use them to help with common issues such as:

● Slow delivery times – Delivery company can benefit with higher fleet productivity.
● Inaccurate delivery estimations for clients – System will update clients with the driver’s route and expected time of delivery.
● Delivery package loss – GPS vehicle tracking will provide secure and reliable service by minimising the loss of packages.
● High annual operational costs – Digitizing the process of delivery and enabling fleet managers to plan fuel-efficient routes will lower operating costs.
● Vehicle thievery and urgent theft recovery – GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle theft alerts will enable stolen vehicles to be located with no time lost.

4 reasons why any delivery company should invest in GPS tracking

Nowadays, any delivery company that hopes to grow their business will need to be aware of fleet technology trends if they want to give their services a competitive boost.

Below are four huge reasons why investing in a GPS vehicle tracking system will make your business more productive.

1. Improved cargo and vehicle safety

Vehicles are a costly investment in the delivery business. Therefore, for anti-theft measures, a GPS vehicle tracking system will definitely come in handy.

Not only will the system allow you to monitor all your vehicles, it will also allow you to track your vehicle in the event it goes missing. With the aid of GPS vehicle tracking, many delivery companies around the globe are able to decrease their number of lost packages.

2. Better working conditions

Large-scale enterprises come with an equally large number of drivers to manage. For delivery companies, driver performance is essential in ensuring satisfactory delivery services for their customers.

A GPS vehicle tracking system can help devise a detailed report on your driver’s performance. It will let you know whether they are on schedule, driving safely, following allocated routes, or making unauthorised trips under your company’s name. All of this important data can be gathered by the system, helping to increase efficiency and productivity for your delivery business.

3. Increased customer satisfaction

According to research, all successful businesses around the world are consumer-centric. Delivery companies are especially so – being highly focused on convenience and accessibility. Hence, improving your customer service by offering consistent deliveries that are cost-effective should be a main priority.

Using GPS vehicle tracking, you will have more accurate estimated time of deliveries for your clients. It will also enable you to plan ad-hoc deliveries better by providing you with real-time knowledge on which vehicles are closer to certain locations for faster deliveries.

4. Efficient freight monitoring

Increasing international trade has empowered us to trade everything and anything from electronics to fresh produce. For delivery companies handling goods which need freshness guarantees or strict quality control, temperature monitoring is a must.

With a GPS vehicle tracking system, you can install sensors on your vehicles to monitor cargo temperature and receive vehicle alerts the instance something goes wrong. GPS fleet analytics will also provide you with valuable data on driver behaviour, vehicle diagnostics and detailed fleet performance. With an all-in-one system to keep track of every aspect of your fleet, your fleet planning and budgeting will in turn get a lot easier.


GPS vehicle tracking systems are a necessity for any delivery business seeking a competitive edge in their industry as it enables them to increase productivity and profit by leaps and bounds. In an industry where companies are usually stretched thin by high delivery demands, and delivery schedules are subject to last-minute changes, GPS vehicle tracking will provide a much-needed layer of flexibility and security to their fleet services.

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